Sometimes The Authorities go a little too far in their care for us. For example, is it really necessary to warn us that people may be using tuning-forks in this area?

pic tuning forkSure, it would be disconcerting to suddenly be aware of a strangely metallic ringing in G-flat as you drive along, but is it really worth being warned about? It may just serve to make you begin to worry about it, becoming anxious about the possibility of developing tinnitus. Life is stressful enough without unnecessary worries being foisted upon us.

Granted there are certain situations where warnings are necessary. For instance, this sign, which warns you to prepare to dodge bullets as you pass through what is obviously a very dangerous area (or a wormhole in time to the old Wild West).

pic bullet-dodge

However, sometimes the signage can just create anxiety for no reason.

This is just scaremongering:

pic exclamation

It’s the signage equivalent of someone just running into a crowded room and screaming in terror for no reason. It’s basically just shouting “BE AFRAID!!!” without saying what you’re supposed to be afraid of. I don’t need that, there’s enough scary stuff without worrying about all the stuff that we don’t know we might need to be worrying about.


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